The Wood Studio is a fully equipped, safety-oriented woodworking program. Working in collaboration with staff and volunteers, participants design, construct, and decorate furniture, kitchenware, garden goods and custom items. 

The program supports individuals interested in:

  • Learning to operate hand and power tools to make items
  • Crafting useable items from wood
  • Adding to their current skill set

Woodworkers assess their comfort level with tools and equipment, and self-determine the level of supervision and equipment modification needed for a specific project. Workers are supported to engage to their fullest ability.

The Wood Studio promotes a collaborative spirit in decision-making. Woodworkers hold regular meetings to propose, discuss, and select projects. Weekly outings to local woodworking workshops and businesses help to strengthen community and provide opportunities to learn from fellow woodworkers.

Goods made in the Wood Studio include cutting boards, trivets, birdhouses, mason bee houses, and custom ordered items. Find Wood Studio products online, at our store front or contact us to place a special order.

The Wood Studio is equipped with:

  • Hand tools such as hammers, screwdrivers, chisels, and saws
  • Power tools such as drills, electric and belt sanders, table and band saws, and wood burning tools

The Wood Studio uses almost 100% reclaimed wood donated by community and local businesses, materials that would otherwise litter the landfill.


Wood Studio Manager:
Hilary Zust
503-236-9515 ext. #3114 
Email Hilary 

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